Horse Dentistry

Over the last decade there has been a huge improvement in equine dental care with people becoming much more aware of the benefits of regular dental examinations for their horse.

These examinations should form part of your horses yearly health plan and are easy to include at the time of your vaccinations. At MBM Veterinary Group we have a great interest in dental prathology and can deal with all categories of dental problems, please click here for further information on the different categories of dental procedures.

Horse TeethHorse’s teeth erupt from their gums throughout their life so they often develop sharp enamel edges on the teeth that can make them uncomfortable when eating and being ridden. Removing these edges once a year is usually appropriate for most horses. If your horse has a dental abnormality we may recommend more regular treatments. Many horses require light sedation for dental treatment which allows the vet to perform a more thorough examination and treatment safely and with less stress for you and your horse. For more complicated procedures we may ask that you bring your horse to the Kilmarnock clinic so we can work is a safe and controlled environment.

Some people use an equine dental technician rather than the vet to rasp their horse’s teeth. Anyone can call them self an equine dentist so if you choose to do this please ensure you use a dental technician that is a member of the British association of equine dental technicians and are qualified and recognized by the British equine veterinary association to show they can carry out the work competently. Click here for a list of registered members.