Horse Passports

The horse Passports (Scotland) Regulations 2005 states all equidae, regardless of age or status requires an identification passport. Foals should have a passport by 6 months of age or the end of December in the year in which it was born, whichever comes later.

Without being accompanied by a valid passport it is illegal to:

  • Sell
  • Export
  • Slaughter for human consumption
  • Use for the purpose of competition
  • Use for the purpose of breeding
  • Move a horse to the premises of a new keeper.

Your horse or donkey should have a passport even if it never leaves the field.

Horse PassportThe purpose of the passport is to ensure that horses treated using medicines not licensed for use in food producing species cannot be slaughtered for human consumption. Some medicines commonly used in equine practice (including Danilon, Equipalazone (Bute) and Sedalin) may be harmful to human health if your horse enters the food chain at the end of its life.

All passports should contain section IX which includes a statement that includes or permanently excludes the animal from slaughter for human consumption. The majority of horse owners have no intention of their pet being slaughtered for human consumption; in this case the simplest measure to take is to sign the statement permanently excluding the horse from the food chain. If this statement is not signed drugs like Danilon and Sedalin cannot be used and you must keep a drug book recording all medicines given to the animal.

Please present your passport each time the vet visits your horse/donkey.

When you purchase a new horse you should contact the passport issuing organization to arrange change of ownership within 30 days.

When a horse dies or is euthanased the passport should be returned to the passport issuing organization. If your horse does not have a passport please contact the practice as soon as possible for advice.

For frequently asked questions and answers about equine passports please click here for the British Horse Society, or click here for the Scottish Government.