Equine Veterinary Services

Ayrshire and South West Scotland


Our equine clinic based in Kilmarnock has a team of dedicated, exclusively equine vets. We provide first opinion and emergency services for horses, ponies and donkeys in Ayrshire, Greater Glasgow and Renfrewshire.

For cases requiring further investigation or treatment we have in-patient stabling, with competent caring nurses and yard staff.

We accept referrals from other veterinary surgeons.

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Here at MBM Vet Group we believe that a healthy horse is a happy horse, so to help you keep your horse in tip top condition we have some information sheets and checklists to download, in association with KBHH Horse Health Week:

 > Download Horse Health FAQs

 > Download Your Horse Health Checklist

 > Download Yard Checklist

  • Ultrasound Scanners Ultrasound Scanners We have a portable machine allowing the imaging of muscles, tendons and joints on yards and a clinic based machine for abdominal ultrasound.
  • Surgery Surgery For general anesthesia we have an equine operating room and recovery box with equine operating table.
  • Reproduction Reproduction Pre-breeding examinations, chilled and frozen artificial insemination packages and new foal checks.
  • Radiography Radiography Digital radiography providing excellent quality images.
  • Ophthalmology Ophthalmology Dr Matthews is a European diplomat who worked with the practice for 28 years. He is now available for referral eye cases.
  • Medicine Medicine Cardiac, abdominal ultrasound, gastroscopy and respiratory endoscopy for medicine cases.
  • Lameness Investigation Lameness Investigation Further investigation of lameness is often performed at the clinic where we have facilities to examine horse on both hard and soft surfaces.
  • Laboratory Laboratory Our in house laboratory is able to deal with the majority of tests we undertake and ensures rapid results. Some samples are sent to outside laboratories.
  • Endoscopes Endoscopes A variety of endoscopes allow video-endoscopy of the gastrointestinal tract and the respiratory tract. We also have a gastroscope allowing us to image the stomach and monitor for gastric ulcers.
  • Dentistry Dentistry We have excellent motorised dental equipment allowing complex procedures, including tooth repair and correction as well as performing tooth removal.