Dairy Herd Fertility Packages

We are commiting to supporting farmers who wish to achieve the best fertility for their herd. Firstly see the material below and then do not hesitate to phone us for more details on how to progress with a fertility package.

  1. See the presentation on Practical Dairy Fertility given at the client meeting on 23rd November 2011
  2. See the Dairy Fertility Packages below that are on offer from MBM Veterinary Group.
  3. See the Aide Memoirs for cows to present at veterinary fertility visits; these are all based on the herd having a voluntary waiting periodof 50 days*. If necessary all the submission intervals can be changed depending on herd circumstances to achieve maximum cost-benefit to the farm: Monthly visits, 3 weekly visits, 2 weekly visits, Weekly visits.

*Voluntary Waiting Period: The time from calving to the first allowed insemination.

Dairy Herd Fertility Services on Offer

  • Up to date, cutting edge knowledge and services to support reprodcutive proformance underpinned by RCVS Recognised Specialist in Cattle Health and Production.
  • Reproductive ultrasound scanners. Pregnancy diagnosis from 28 days after service.
  • Computer software for state of the art analysis of fertility data and production of action lists.
  • Data can be uploaded from the following software programmes: QMM Milk Manager; Sum-It DairyMate; Sum-It Total Dairy; CDL Data file (NMR/CIS); Interherd; Unifrom Agri .Dat; Westfalia Parlours; Irish Cattle Breeding Federation; Gatling File

Fertility Managment Packages

Service List





Routine visit to examine cows for pregnancy (from 28 days post service), non observed oestrus etc.  Agree frequency dependent on herd size (see table 2 above).

Agree management / treatment protocol to guarantee submission of most cows for service by an agreed # of days in milk

Routine body condition scoring of late lactation, late dry cows and cows at peak yield


Fertility review and action plan: Quarterly upload of farm data for full data analysis* and farm walk to identify areas for improvement and agree / monitor actions to improve fertility.  Production of action list for cows to examine at each visit.


Mini metabolic profile on late dry cows and cows 1-3 weeks calved quarterly



Daily 'fertility club' meeting annually near Kilmarnock to share ideas with like minded farmers / relevant speaker