Cat Dental Health

Dental disease is the most common problem and the most under-treated condition in cats and dogs. It is also an area where a few small changes can make a huge difference to their pets' oral hygiene and health.

As young cats gums can be tender until about 6 months old, it is best just to rub their gums with finger-tips until they get used to their mouth being handled. It can be harder for an owner to examine the mouth of their cat than it is with a dog, especially if the cat is of a fractious nature.

However in even the most stubborn of cats it is usually possible to examine the mouth with minimal amount of stress to the cat and physical bodily harm to the owner! If the cat gets used to having its mouth examined as a kitten then it will be used to the process by the time it reaches adulthood.

Some useful dental aids are:

Dry Food - daily crunching, do not soften with water

Dental gels - a blob is placed inside the cats mouth to destroy the bacteria which cause calculus formation, can help in difficult-to-handle pets

Common Dental Problems

  • FORLs (Feline Oral Resorpitive Lesions)
  • Halitosis (bad breath)
  • Abscesses
  • Broken teeth
  • Tumors

If your cat requires dental attention, most dental procedures require a general anaesthetic and are carried out as day patients.