Cat Flea Control

Fleas are found anywhere that cats go. Unless you use flea prevention treatments, your cat will inevitably pick them up.

A single flea can lay thousands of microscopic eggs which are very tough and can survive for two years on the ground or in your home.

In many cases when you think your cat has picked up a flea outside, it may be from an egg that was already in your house.

What are the symptoms?

Fleas and their bites cause itching and irritation. You may or may not see fleas or specks of black flea dirt among your cat's fur.


Cats commonly become allergic to flea saliva. This causes a severe dermatitis, with hair loss and crusty scabs around the head and along the back. Itching is severe.

Treating your cat regularly will prevent an allergy from starting.

Fleas are also intermediate hosts for tapeworm, so any cat that picks up fleas should also be given worming treatment. 

Fleas will not live on people, but we can get bitten leaving red marks on the skin.

Which flea product?

There are lots of flea products on the market including spot-ons, tablets, shampoos, powders and sprays.

The most effective products, in our experience, are long-acting spot-ons and tablets.

Many treatments are available over-the-counter but some of the best ones are prescription-only. To buy these, your cat needs to be registered with us and we may ask you to bring them in for a weight and health check if we haven't examined them before. 

When dealing with an established flea problem it is very important to treat all pets in the household, as well as any others that are in contact. Your home should also be treated to kill immature flea stages. As the eggs are so hardy, treatment of your pets and house may need to be repeated regularly for several months to fully control a severe flea infestation.

NEVER USE FLEA PRODUCTS DESIGNED FOR DOGS ON YOUR CAT. Many over-the-counter dog products contain permethrin and, whilst this is safe for dogs, it can cause fatal toxicity in cats. Always read the packaging and follow instructions carefully.