Dog Neutering

Neutering your pet, whether it is male or female has a number of advantages:

Male dogs:

  • Prevents wandering
  • Prevents unwanted aggression
  • Prevents inappropriate sexual behaviour
  • Dramatically reduces the risk of prostate problems later in life

Female dogs:

  • Prevents unwanted puppies
  • Prevents potentially life threatening uterine infection known as pyometra
  • Prevents seasons which can be messy, and cause behavioural changes
  • If done before their first season it drastically reduces the risk of mammary cancer, which is one of the most common cancers in bitches

The optimum time to spay a bitch is 3 months after the last season. Bitches can be neutered prior to the first season provided they are mature. We will advise you accordingly.

Castration involves removal of both testicles via a simple incision. Spaying a bitch involves a hysterectomy and removal of both ovaries so your bitch will not come into season again.

In both male and female, your pet will only require to be hospitalized for a day with no overnight stay required in the majority of patients. Recovery from surgery is usually straight forward, and your pet will be required to wear an elizabethan collar, or 'bucket' to prevent excessive licking of the wound.

Neutering is a routine procedure that is carried out almost every day by our vets. We advise neutering when your dog is around 6 months old. For further information please contact the surgery.