Nurse Arthritis Clinic

Obese DogOsteoarthritis is a non-curable condition which affects your pet's joints. There is no known cure, so treatment is focused on controlling pain, improving joint function and slowing down the degenerative process within the joint.

We are able to offer you a free consultation with a Pet Arthritis Counsellor if your pet has recently been diagnosed with osteoarthritis. We aim to provide continuing support and hope to see your pet 1-2 times a year, or more frequently if necessary.

Our aim is to implement a management plan to improve the quality of life for your pet. After an initial assessment with a Veterinary Surgeon and Pet Arthritis Counsellor, your pet's arthritis will be managed by some or all of the following:-

  • Anti-inflammatory medication to reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Joint Supplements to prevent further damage within the joint.
  • Weight Management & Nutrition as being overweight is a major contributing factor. Weight loss helps decrease lameness and pain and increases joint mobility in patients with existing osteoarthritis.
  • Acupuncture is tolerated very well in dogs and cats. It is available within the practice and is individually tailored according to the condition and response achieved. Many dogs with osteoarthritis will improve following acupuncture treatment. An initial course of 4-6 weeks is required with follow up treatment depending on the individual response.
  • Hydrotherapy can help with maintaining muscle mass by allowing non-weight bearing exercise. It can also help with weight reduction. This is available out with the practice using an independent physiotherapist.

If you would like to make an appointment with a pet arthritis counsellor, please phone the practice.