Nurse Senior Clinics at MBM

As your pet reaches middle age and gets older, certain health problems are far more likely to arise, for example heart disease, kidney failure, diabetes, arthritis or cancer. Often the symptoms of age-related illness develop slowly. They can easily be missed until the disease becomes advanced.

Modern veterinary medicine means that we are better able to care for older pets to help them enjoy healthier, happier and longer lives.

Fit for Life Program

Our experienced vet nurses run a free Fit for Life Program for pets aged 8 years and over. These nurse consultations cover all aspects of your pet's health, to identify any early warning signs, and include advice on how to help your pet in their later years.

If you would like a free Fit for Life consultation for your pet please phone to book an appointment.

Before your appointment we ask you to complete a short pet health questionnaire to highlight any areas of concern and, as part of the program, we will do a free urine test for your pet. Questionnaires and sample pots can be collected from reception at any time.

If possible your pet should be fasted on the day of the clinic, but can have free access to water.