At MBM Veterinary Group, we believe that a proactive, preventative approach is far better than waiting until your pet is ill or suffering before seeking veterinary care for them. We want to make high quality preventative healthcare simple and affordable, which is why we have a Pet Health Club.

The Pet Health Club is a great way to make sure your pet has all the preventative treatments he or she needs, while saving you money on vaccinations, flea and worm treatments, dentistry, nail clipping and much more. A regular six monthly health check and annual urine sample mean that illnesses can be picked up, diagnosed and treated in the early stages, keeping your pet healthy and happy. If your pet suffers a long term condition, such as arthritis, skin allergy or heart disease, you receive extra benefits like discounts on many commonly used medications.

You can pay for your pet's Pet Health Club membership by low-cost, monthly direct debit, or you can make a single annual payment if you prefer. 

If you would like further information, you are welcome to drop in to your local MBM branch to talk about membership benefits, or you can call or email us too.

> Download a Pet Health Plan leaflet and application form

Information is also available at

Please note that the Pet Health Club is not an insurance policy, as it covers routine healthcare. Insurance policies cover unexpected illness and injury, so it's a good idea to have both a Pet Health Club membership and insurance to make sure all your pet's needs are covered.