Rabbit Diet Advice

Rabbits are fibrevores which means the best diet mimics their natural outdoor diet which is mainly grass. Therefore your rabbit should always have access to grass (fresh or dried) and/or hay. Weeds from the garden are a good source of fresh food, for example dandelion leaves.

Fresh vegetables are also important for example carrot, broccoli and cabbage.

A restricted amount of dry food should be available daily for your rabbit. As a general rule 25g per kg bodyweight per day.

We recommend pelleted food as many rabbits are selective eaters and will only eat certain components of mixed feeds. This results in an unbalanced diet. If your pet wont eat pelleted foods then you must leave the mix until they have eaten the whole bowl ensuring a balanced intake. Specific foods are available for baby rabbits, overweight rabbits and dwarf breeds.

Fresh water should be available at all times generally from a drinking bottle. Please ensure that bottles are checked daily for freezing in wintertime.