Rabbit Vaccinations

Dry EyeWe offer a two-in-one vaccination and we recommend this is given from 5 weeks of age. Yearly boosters are needed, and we do this along with an annual health and dental check.

Diseases we vaccinate against:

Myxomatosis – A viral disease causing puffy fluid filled swellings around the head and face. The disease is usually fatal. Myxomatosis is spread by blood sucking insects such as fleas and mosquitoes. Wild rabbits can bring the disease into your garden, and house rabbits may be at risk even if they are mostly indoors.

Viral Haemorrhagic Disease - This virus was first reported in the UK in 1992 and is highly contagious. Transmission can occur by direct contact with infected rabbits, including wild rabbits, or indirect contact via environmental contamination e.g urine or faeces from infected rabbits. The disease is usually fatal and house rabbits can be at risk as the virus can carried in on footwear or clothing.